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Why AM Data Soft?
Since 2000, AM Data Soft has been providing digital information solutions that optimize performance and lower overhead cost for our clients and partners.

What makes AM Data Soft unique and separates it from other companies is people. They are our strength. Innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers are the basis of our staff augmentation and project teams. AM Data Soft is composed of energetic and proactive individuals encouraged to find resourceful ways to meet and exceed the client's expectations. We support a collaborative and cooperative environment to help us reach positive results consistently and accurately.

From high quality products and customized solutions to comprehensive service and support, AM Data Soft will make a difference in our client's future. Driving your total benefit and showing results quickly and continuously is the focus of our company's consulting partner services.
Project Flow
Our project flow is simple and tailored to your needs. AM Data Soft understands that every project must be thoroughly evaluated to ensure client satisfaction. Our team of business experts reviews every inquiry and makes all the needed evaluations to validate the client's needs and solutions that AM Data Soft can provide. Once the evaluation process is completed, a proposal document with project's details, timeline and cost is issued to the client for review. After the client's review process, final changes to the proposal document are applied and signed by both parties. Project's start occurs at this point and follows the established timeline laid-out in the proposal document.
AG Projects

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